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  • The latest market news

    As is well-known, Yantian port unable to work normally in the first half of June due to COVID-19, which leads to a lot of cargo cannot be loaded as planned schedule and there are a lot of cargo are still waiting space at the moment. According to the latest market news, Yantian port has been restored to 70% operating capacity in the second half of June, but there are still many vessels will not call at Yantian port in the end of June, which cause space of Yantian port is still in serious shortage. Suggest you load cargo in the first vessel of July because Yantian port will will resume normal operation in July.

  • Market condition in June

    There is no doubt that the sea freight has risen to a unprecedented level in June. But the shortage of space and equipment are continue and the terrible phenomena will continue to the end of June, even till July. Everyone is expecting the market will be improved in the third quarter, but it seems to be tough according to analyze of the market conditions.

  • Worst sea freight and better air freight

    Due to the epidemic and lack of containers, the shipping market in June will be even worse! Many ports in China have difficulty maintaining normal exports, especially the Yantian port in these two weeks! According to analysts in the shipping industry, the increase in rates may continue until the end of June or even July, and the lack of containers will even continue until 2022! Customers still need to face bad situations and make difficult shipping choices!

  • Ship cargo now or not

    Equipment and space is a common problem in China. MAY Sea freight rates ex China to European main ports are increased dramatically every week. Carriers are insane suggesting the rates will still be rising in the coming weeks.


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