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  • Less space and higher prices in April

    As we all know,due to the blockage of the Suez Canal,the routes from Asia to Europe was forced to stop for more than a week. Although the problem has been successfully solved,many vessels have been delayed.More seriously,this forced the shipping companies to reduce a lot of vessels in the second half of April. Based on the above reasons,the prices in April has almost risen to the same level as the CNY,which greatly increased the transportation cost of customers.Less space and worse equipment conditions are the biggest challenges in April,and It is likely to continue into May.

  • Here comes the price cut you asked for!

    The rising freight rates peaked just before the Chinese New Year holiday. But in the past month, the space squeeze has eased on some routes as demand for Chinese exports has generally fallen. Cargo gap also makes a number of trunk line freight rates, significantly down.

  • Congestion in Europe ports

    Since the fourth quarter of last year, the empty equipment is super tight in every Chinese main port, so that container production enterprises ushered in an explosive growth, some container enterprises during the Spring Festival is also stepping up production to catch up with orders. On the one hand, China's foreign trade orders have increased sharply. On the other hand, the epidemic has reduced the efficiency of Europe ports and overloaded empty containers, which can go out but cannot come back.

  • please arrange your shipment in advance and reasonably

    With the upcoming Golden Week holidays from 1-Oct to 8-Oct in China and the continued uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, many carriers have announced that they hope to adjust their latest service strategies in October to respond to changes of demand in the global shipping market.


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