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  • Measures for Shipping Companies to Deal with Space Shortage and Vessel Delay

    Due to the general shortage of 20-foot dry containers and 40ft dry containers in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, some shipping companies are preparing to invest in the construction of more 40-ft-high containers and make every effort to mobilize empty containers to return to Asia in order to cope with this situation.

  • Peak season is coming in Sep

    Recently, some carriers announced price increases starting from 2nd week of September. Other carriers are also expected to follow it in the second half of September with freight increases and peak season surcharges. Before the National Day in China, many importers will arrange shipments in advance to avoid a week-long domestic holiday.The quantity of goods will continue to increase in late September, and the shipping space will be more difficult to obtain.

  • Serious port congestion & unstable shipping schedule

    Since 2021, lots of unexpected things have happened in the shipping industry. With 360 vessels stranded at ports and nearly 120 ports congested, the problems that the global supply chain faced expected will not end in 2021. The congestion has led to delays of shipping schedule and greatly reduced the effective capacity. At the same time, the effect of COVID and bad weather, such as typhoons recently, have made shipping schedules more unstable.

  • State of Market in 2nd Half of July

    The vessels ex from far east continues to be reduced and there is a continuing shortage of shipping space. It is expected that the ocean freight in the second half of July will be a strong momentum to break through. Relatively speaking,air freight is relatively stable, there is even a downward trend. Why not take some urgent cargo separate and shipping them by air? In this way could save some cost and keep things move. We have prepare some special offer for customers, please send through the details if you have any needs.


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