Congestion of Global ports

2022-05-13 19:35:36

According to a new report released by the Royal Bank of Canada, the port delays and costs caused by the new wave of epidemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have further worsened the global supply chain problems.



At present, one fifth of the world's container fleet is congested in major ports.Michael tran, head of RBC digital intelligence strategy, said: global port congestion is deteriorating and becoming more common.



In the past month, the number of ships waiting outside East China ports has increased by 34%. In Europe, ships from Asia are delayed by an average of four days, resulting in a chain reaction, including a shortage of empty containers to ship goods made in Europe to the east coast of the United States.



The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has changed routes and increased the activities of container ships entering European ports.The cost increase caused by port congestion shows an obvious trend.



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