Port Congestion in Germany Ports

2022-04-26 19:18:22

As German media reported, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and Russia-Ukraine conflict, many ports in German are struck by pile-up containers . Lots of vessels planned to dock at the Port Hamburg or Port Bremen currently need to wait several days or even weeks to make it work.


As one of the four largest loading ports in German, Burchardkai Dock (Port Hamburg) has eight cargo vessels waited to be discharged. Based on this situation, a responsible man of dock managing company expressed: The situation is now so tense that we need the employees to work overtime in the response of the container and vessel congestion.  While, despite the company and its parent firm Port Hamburg Logistics Group arrange the overtime, the congestion is more and more serious due to the cargo handling speed cannot reach the expected one.


In view of this situation, some experts predicted that the worst situation has not come yet. For example, Nineman, professor of Hamburg School of Business Administration, claimed that the situation will be deteriorate so that the congestion and waiting will take more time. In addition, He noted the high costs will be finally bore by the customer because of the rising inflation caused by ports and logistics chaos.


All in all, due to the bad situation of port congestion in Port Hamburg, one of the major ports of the Europe, so the customer needs to take this under consideration to avoid the delay. Therefore, maybe it will be a better way to change delivery ports or choose other transportation ways. Based on this, OHL will customize a special solution for you and your cargo. 


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