Drewry’s Expected Cancellation of Sailings

2022-04-21 19:08:18

Good news and bad news: on the one hand, although shanghai is still under lockdown, some areas may be unsealed in the near future; on the other hand, unfortunately, east and north China saw the cases. Therefore, factory production, warehouse and trucking services supply are affected, but ports and trucking service are still in full operation.


All Ocean Alliances are available in space for FAK rates and SPOT rates, but carriers are still restricting long-term large customer transactions due to the rate continuing changes. In response to recent changes, carriers are expected to OMIT. Sea freight rates remain high, but prices are generally down in April due to a slowdown in the market.


According to the latest data released by Drewry, the world's three major shipping alliances will cancel a number of voyages in the next 5 weeks (weeks 16-20), of which the largest number of canceled voyages is by THE Alliance with 25 voyages; the 2M Alliance will cancel 17 voyages; the least is Ocean Alliance, stopping 12 voyages. A total of 54 voyages.


The shipping market is still wait for the epidemic in China and port congestion to be ease and see the changes. OHL will keep you informed of the first-hand information, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through


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