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please arrange your shipment in advance and reasonably
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With the upcoming Golden Week holidays from 1-Oct to 8-Oct in China and the continued uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, many carriers have announced that they hope to adjust their latest service strategies in October to respond to changes of demand in the global shipping market.

After the 2M Alliance announced the golden week suspension plan. THE Alliance has also announced that they will cancel more routes in October. Therefore, please arrange your shipment in advance and reasonably because of the National holiday.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year, the number of containers exported from China is gradually increasing, while the number of containers imported from abroad is decreasing. As a result, the carriers are suffering from the situation of empty vessels returning from abroad and loss of load, and their profit is also decreasing. Therefore, it is changed to small vessel for shipment or several carriers share one ship for transport. This leads to the following situation:

1) The shipping schedule is basically at the same time. So the loading time is almost at the same time, leading to the tension of the trailer and the packers.

2) Space has heavily overbooked, and also the shipper has difficulty in picking up containers at some ports.

3) Sea freight continues to rise.
If you encounter any problems about your shipment, pls do not hesitate to contact us info@ohlco.com.cn.

We are pleased to be your trusted Chinese friend as well as partner with strong-strength, and will try our best to meet your requirements by offering best price and service.


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