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Competitive O/F from OHL in June
Date:2020-05-27 17:47:51 Click:

#Competitive O/F from OHL in June #
Updated rate of June came out, did you get it?
There are a lot of carriers increased their price in June, but we are lucky that we got a competitive price what lower than market price basic on top5 carrier.
May is a crazy month, we all faced awful space issue, but our company still guarantee most of space for clients, space has still been overbooked now in June though carriers has restored 80% of capacity. Pls inform us in advance if you need our space, we can reserve space for you.
If you have any new shipments or any questions for service and price of OHL, pls contact us at info@ohlco.com.cn and we will always do our best to meet your requirements.


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