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  • Warehouse service、OHL growth witness

    Based on our experience as growth partners for companies in many industries around the world, we know that business development is an exciting, dynamic, and sometimes challenging journey. And OHL is critical to the competitiveness of any company. Your path to success inspires us to keep going. Because we firmly believe that every great business success has excellent logistics support. This is what OHL can do for you.

  • First week of June! GOOD NEWS!

    First week of June! GOOD NEWS! China Airline has decided to resume 24 international flights between June 1st and July 1st, including Shanghai to Frankfurt and Shanghai to Heathrow! OHL will provide perfect service just you want, Air/Ocean/Train Freight are waiting for your order!

  • Competitive O/F from OHL in June

    #Competitive O/F from OHL in June # Updated rate of June came out, did you get it? There are a lot of carriers increased their price in June, but we are lucky that we got a competitive price what lower than market price basic on top5 carrier. May is a crazy month, we all faced awful space issue, but our company still guarantee most of space for clients, space has still been overbooked now in June though carriers has restored 80% of capacity. Pls inform us in advance if you need our space, we can reserve space for you.

  • Value-added Services

    There are thousands of forwarders in China. We are always thinking about a question"What make our service unique in logistics industry?" Some voices are coming from our deep heart, we would like to offer value-added services to all of our clients.


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